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International Journal Of Innovative Research In Engineering & Management (IJIREM) is member of the DOI CrossRef, USA. The DOI prefix allotted for IJIREM is 10.55524/ijirem


What is DOI / Crossref ?

Crossref is an official Digital Object Identifier (DOI) Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation.

Why do you need DOI for your articles

  • DOI, as a permanent link, can control all citations and views of the article, and prevent missing them.
  • DOI (web based) can eliminate all human errors in editing the references, and aggregates all citations.
  • To absorb CITEDBY in the references, DOI is necessary.
  • DOI facilitates more contribution to modern sciences, and also the other articles.

NOTE- DOI will allocate after 60 days only during this period third party can claim the copyrights Infringement.

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