International Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering and Management
ISSN 2350-0557
Volume 5, Issue-6, November-2018

List of Articles

SNO.TitleAuthorPageFull Text
1. Recognition of Some Modulated Apertures Using the Cascaded Fabry- Perot Interferometer(CFPI)A.M. Hamed173-181
2. Design and Fabrication of a Pedal Powered Paddy Rice ThresherEmmanuel B. K. Mutai, Macmillan Ochieng, Eng. Muhamed Swaleh182-188
3. Sharp Fringes Using Cascaded Multiple Beam Interferometers- Application on Kidney ImagesA.M. Hamed189-195
4. Design of a Database for Bus Fleet ManagementShubham V. Patil, Swapnali S. Koli, Saurabh S. Lahamate, Chow Anu Chowlu196-200